Science Espresso - Having coffee with my doctor


Having coffee with my doctor, an exciting event of the series of Sparks activities took place on 21st of November at 2 pm at the venue hosting the Exhibition. was presented and discussed. About  30 persons having cardiovascular problems or having relatives who have these joint to meet , D-r Porojliev, a cardiologist from the Tsaritsa Yoanna Hospital in Sofia who presented  the approaches to develop an Innovative web-based platform for tele-rehabilitation, research storage and remote health services for patients with cardiovascular diseases living in remote areas. Journalists from the National Radio and from popular medical internet sites were also present and, as a special guest D-r Todorovska -  the Deputy Executive Director of the Bulgarian Red Cross. presented the Platform. Mrs. Georgieva from the Association of Patients with Cardiovascular Diseases mediated the heated discussion.

Finally, all present at the event visited the Exhibition.

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