The closing event of the bilateral Bulgaria-Norway project Teaching History in a Multicultural Society - Challenges and Models - the Round Table on Teaching History and Cultural Integration took place on May 17 in the House of Scientists, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia. The participants were Halla Bjørk Holmarsdottir и Paaske Nanna, representing the Norwegian partner, the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science,, teachers from 56th , 106th  и 127th  Secondary Schools, Sofia,  8th Secondary School Blagoevgrad,  Vasil Levski Secondary School, Isperih, of the Sociological Agency Global Metrix Ltd and the CRA team. Discussion was focussed on three modules and 8 presentations as follows:

  • Historical Memory and Teaching at Schools
    • Bulgaria – the "Strange Ally" of the Third Reich (Who Saved the Bulgarian Jews?) by Diana Ilieva, history teacher, 56 High School, Sofia.
    • The Theater as a Method of Multicultural Education by Svetlana Mikhailova, teacher, 127 School, Sofia
  • Civil Education and History Education
    • Combining the Purposes of Historical and Civic Education through Teaching History by Diana Stoykova, 56 High School, Sofia
    • Mobility, Migration, Minorities and Education in History by Halla Bjork Holmarsdottir, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science. Oslo, Norway.
    • History Teaching and Identity Building in Multicultural Classrooms  - Teaching the Norvegian Oil History in Multicultural Classrooms by Paaske Nanna, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Science. Oslo, Norway.
  • Integration and Models of Teaching
    • Teaching History and Civilization in a Multicultural Ethnic Environment by Rosen Bogomilov, history teacher, 106 Secondary School, Sofia.
    • Studying History in a multicultural environment - challenges and models by Nikolay Grigorov, history teacher, 8 Secondary School, Blagoevgrad.
    • Tsar Simeon – the ruler who wanted to govern Constantinople by Neli Ivanova, history teacher, Vasil Levski Secondary School, Isperich.

Separately, George Mandichev, of "GLOBAL Metrix" Ltd, Sofia, presented the survey results on What is the place of education in History at the contemporary multicultural Bulgarian school?

The results of the project will be summarised in a Handbook for Teaching History in a Multicultural Environment which is under preparation.

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