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Here is what we offer:

  • Intellectual Output O1: Guide of best practices how to design accessible websites. The guide examines the successful application of ICT technologies in higher education for more inclusive, physical environments, more accessible, teaching and learning content and techniques more in tune with disabled learners’ needs. Find here 
  • Intellectual Output O2: Global SUCCESS4ALL Methodology.
    The methodology is a basis for the creation of the e-learning tool which will also be utilised in the project’s sustainability with the aim of either being extended to a new project or being used in another one adopting an inclusive education approach. Find here.
  • Intellectual Output O3: Best Entrepreneurship Practices Guide
    The guide combines a portfolio of good entrepreneurship education practices from partner’s previous experience as well as best practices from Europe and abroad. Find here
  • The Success4All poster, which gives basic data on the project. Find here

You can download the full texts from the site of the project:

Versions in Latvian, French, English and Bulgarian are available

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